Learn how to deliver your products & services inclusively to customers with Special Needs & Persons with Disabilities

Are you facing these problems in your organisation?


Many people in customer-facing roles worry about serving people with disability and special needs and admitted to intentionally avoiding conversations with people with disability, citing

‘fear of causing offence’, ‘feeling uncomfortable’, or ‘not knowing what to talk about’ 

"As a Business owner & Service provider,  I want to provide my products and services for everyone but I am not sure how to make my products/services inclusive for Customers with Special Needs and Persons with Disabilities"

Who is it for?

Business Owners or Service Providers

interested to reach out to Customers with

 Special Needs or Disability

What is the workshop about?

This workshop aims to enable & empower business owners & service providers in all industries to increase customer base & include persons with special needs


Why this workshop is important?​
  • Learn how to seize the untapped clientele: Why Inclusive Service Delivery can increase sales

  • Learn and Understand what is Inclusive Service Delivery

  • Understand what is the Singapore Social Disability Model for Business Owners & Service Providers

  • Gain Insights on Inclusive Services Demand and Potential

  • Learn how to develop, implement and deliver inclusive service delivery

Where & When is the Workshop conducted?
  • Workshop is conducted via zoom

  • 25th July Saturday 2020. 2 pm to 4 pm

  • Enjoy early bird registration fees when you register now

How this benefit for you and your organisation?
  • Persons with Special Needs will be part of your regular customer when you provide inclusive solutions

  • Learn how providing inclusive solutions can increase your brand awareness

  • Be acknowledged and promoted as an inclusive service provider in the Social Services

  • Learn new insights & tips how to craft better marketing strategies in future

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Inclusive Service Delivery Workshop