How does art therapy work?

  • Stimulates imagination and creativity

  • Develops healthy coping skills and focus

  • Increases self-esteem and confidence

  • Clarifies issues and concerns

  • Increases communication skills

  • Ability to share a safe nurturing environment

  • Assists with the development of motor skills and physical co-ordination

  • Ability to identify feelings and blocks to emotional expression and personal growth. Working with a therapist helps develop social skills

  • Art therapy provides an outlet for anger and frustration

  • Self-discovery: At its most successful, art therapy triggers an emotional catharsis

Areas to look in to in an art therapy setting,

    • Drawing development and   its effects on human development

    • How to facilitate communication using various art therapy approaches by understanding the value of non-verbal communication

    • Planning and implementing an art therapy session /exercises in an individual session and group setting

    • How creative arts can be implemented in a multidisciplinary setting

Arts for Healing — Leisure and Pleasure, where clients can come to get therapeutic services, information, resources, and much-needed relaxation. Our concept is Integrated Music and Art Therapy. Combining auditory and visual stimuli in an interactive, fun, and nurturing environment, helps promote language and speech, motor skills, socialization, and personal development in children and adults. Music and art make up the universal language that is understood by all.

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